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Modern Day Tiles Base Set
This Resource Pack contains Two Tiles (An inner set and an outer set). Each set comes with auto-tiles for buildings/walls, floor tiles, and various objects. 

Inner Tiles
The Inner Tiles have objects for Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom.

Outer Tiles
The Outer Tiles have objects for traffic (signs, lights) as well as decorative town items (benches, streetlights)

You are free to use this Resource Pack in your commercial or non-commercial RM projects. A license for use in game-developing engines other than Enterbrain's RPG Maker series/IGM can be purchased here, at a cost of $39.99.

Modern Day RPG? Go for it!

For far too long there has been a shortage of Modern Day Tiles for RPG Maker. Community member Lunarea has stepped in and filled that void with her Modern Day Tile Pack. This base set of tiles will let you map a city (complete with roads, streetlights, and a fly infested dumpster) as well as the house of your hero. For the next two weeks, we've arranged a special introductory price for this Resource Pack. You can pick it up for just $6.99 and the license allows you to use the resources in your personal or commercial RPG Maker projects.

Buy Now! (only $6.99)


Buy Now! (only $6.99)